Thursday, December 25, 2008

year end blues

yeap.. it's that time again - the year end. as per previous years, no work from christmas till new year, which is one whole week of doing nothing, usually... well, actually there were plans but most of it didn't go as planned.

anyway, hopefully this year would be better, got few plans set to go, tho 1 already down the drain.. guess i'm being too nice & not as pushy as others - responded to others' needs & all, but when it comes to own needs, they are none around, most would be to bz enjoying their problem-free life.. but they'd come back for more ears&shoulders eventually. guess the 'replacement pleaser' tag kinda suit me well for now... sigh.... :-/

things to do (hopefully get to be done)
- renew my expired amatuer radio license
- get the car's minor glitches look by a mechanic (more money flying away there)
- kemas rumah incl. shop for a new bedsheet (LOL...!!)
- settle things with banks, pnb, imigration & some other authority bodies
- get son his driving license (more money fly away..!!)
- cut my hair.... (still thinking..)

as for now, try to move my lazy ass to go & look for some food....

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