Sunday, December 14, 2008

good..? bad..?

hmm.. was it a good weekend? donno lah, let's see now...

- got news on FB, a friend of a friend passed away due to spinal cancer, still young but then it's God's will, we can never tell... many condolences to her family..
- heard from a friend, which is also on FB, her team's pb equipments was stolen from their car..! not 2, not 2 but 4 set of markers..! 3 egos & an etek2, man..! that's a lot.. not accounting the harnesses, apparels etc.. that's more than rm10k of stuff lost just like that. to make it worse, they are actually on the way for a tourney... dad must've a damn big headache... :-s

- got myself an Invert hoodie jacket.. at a very special price, not bad, huh..? ;-)
- found a black/grey rotor, can change with my blue rotor lah.. now only need a balck/grey jesrsey & pants lah...

- friend's wedding.. meaning gather with other friends for makan free... ;-p

so, overall..? i'd say so-so lah.. win some, lose some...

ok, finaly manage to update the penang's C&C pix..

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