Friday, September 10, 2010

It's here...!!

yeap.. it's finally here... the long-awaited macbook pro 13"... collected it yesterday, but they were out of the magic mouse.. hafta collect that later... & yes, this is wrtten on that very lappie.. ;-)

hmm.. around this time last year, the indy09 arrived... seems like me pampering myself during merdeka je.. coincidently only la... not really planned for it...

09/09/10.. it's radio day, & exactly a year ago i wrote abt those dates with 'interesting' numbers.. wonder if anybody plan anything for 10/10/10... nothing much on 8/9/10 except it's the Sly 2011 product pre-launch meet - interesting deal for quite interesting stuff... ;-)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Another update...

So, it's been awhile, a long while in fact..
Ok, what's new? Got myself an Iphone, which this update is being written with.. ;-) apart from that, also got me a dslr camera - a canon 550D that comes with an 18-55mm lense.. Not bad la, get to shoot pix with more control than my old Lumix digicam. So what's next? A Macbook Pro 13" is also on d way... ;-)

Next update, pix of all those, uploaded via the mbp... ;-D

*added later...
ok, no need to wait for the mbp.. here it is...
Iphone taken using the 550D
550D taken using the Iphone