Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Look...?

yesterday was Ma'al Hijrah.. & what did i do..? stepped into a barber shop after years of not visiting it... yeap, haven't had a haircut for like few years now... so what's new look..? being the lazy old me, had it cut as short as i possibly can, told the barber to use #2, which less than 3mm...

me almost botak now.. maybe i'd put up pix later... ;-)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

year end blues

yeap.. it's that time again - the year end. as per previous years, no work from christmas till new year, which is one whole week of doing nothing, usually... well, actually there were plans but most of it didn't go as planned.

anyway, hopefully this year would be better, got few plans set to go, tho 1 already down the drain.. guess i'm being too nice & not as pushy as others - responded to others' needs & all, but when it comes to own needs, they are none around, most would be to bz enjoying their problem-free life.. but they'd come back for more ears&shoulders eventually. guess the 'replacement pleaser' tag kinda suit me well for now... sigh.... :-/

things to do (hopefully get to be done)
- renew my expired amatuer radio license
- get the car's minor glitches look by a mechanic (more money flying away there)
- kemas rumah incl. shop for a new bedsheet (LOL...!!)
- settle things with banks, pnb, imigration & some other authority bodies
- get son his driving license (more money fly away..!!)
- cut my hair.... (still thinking..)

as for now, try to move my lazy ass to go & look for some food....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's here...! finally...

yeap.. got the replacement solenoid for my ceptor, after a long wait.... phew..! felt like running back home right there & then to fix it & have a go... ;-)

ok, got right at it once arrived home after work, marker's fixed alright, dry-fired it & seems ok, no leak.. just can't wait till the weekend to have a real go at it. marker might need some re-tuning tho as i've been running it with a bad noid for quite some time, which of course needs lotsa tweaking to make it work, did everything possible up until the very end of its life.. RIP old friend.. then, borrowed friend's noid taken from his unused marker as replacement, but not that great (maybe coz it's not mine - the 'feel' is just not there.. )

nice isn't it..? comes complete with everything - just need to fix it to the ram & connect the wires... ;-)

*tomorrow - the black/grey rotor.. yay..! :-)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

good..? bad..?

hmm.. was it a good weekend? donno lah, let's see now...

- got news on FB, a friend of a friend passed away due to spinal cancer, still young but then it's God's will, we can never tell... many condolences to her family..
- heard from a friend, which is also on FB, her team's pb equipments was stolen from their car..! not 2, not 2 but 4 set of markers..! 3 egos & an etek2, man..! that's a lot.. not accounting the harnesses, apparels etc.. that's more than rm10k of stuff lost just like that. to make it worse, they are actually on the way for a tourney... dad must've a damn big headache... :-s

- got myself an Invert hoodie jacket.. at a very special price, not bad, huh..? ;-)
- found a black/grey rotor, can change with my blue rotor lah.. now only need a balck/grey jesrsey & pants lah...

- friend's wedding.. meaning gather with other friends for makan free... ;-p

so, overall..? i'd say so-so lah.. win some, lose some...

ok, finaly manage to update the penang's C&C pix..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

combined as one...

well, finally decide to combine both blogspot into one, which is this one lah.. the other blog has only 2 entries in it, plus this one's url is better.. ;-)
was searching high & low for ways to do it, when all u need to do is copy the old post & put it, under the same old date.. & wallaa..! it fit perfectly on ur blog as if written on ori date... nice ek..?
time for some breakie now.. lapo lah.. belum kena teh tarik pagi ni lagi..

later in the afternoon...

hmm.. MacDev came out with their own brand of paint, & the package was designed by Sir Caranthir of villainpaintball. works of locals on international products, not bad i'd say... congrats to caranthir for gaining the trust of ppl at macdev for that... ;-)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Badman's back...

yeah.. & here we go again.. another try updating (actually maintaining) the blog. ;-P
just came back from the Penang C&C, held in the vacinity of the War Museum in Batu Maung, Penang. Had no intention to go for the C&C but then, last minute change of venue - from Pulau Jerjak to the War museum. Just the place i plan to visit.. so with free transport & all, apa lagi.. 'on' je lah.. hehhee

here's some pix taken there, not the C&C but the museum itself...