Sunday, January 25, 2009


hmm.. nearly a month since the last entry. am i truly a blogger or just someone that gets into the 'fad'..? ntah la.. guess i'm just using this to channel out what i feel & all..

feel like writing something but now rasa tak pulak dah.. thot gonna write abt the big issue in the other blog, & also how i got part of my indy. yeap, it's here tho only the body. still waiting for other parts b4 can really test it out. hopefully b4 labuan.. aahh~~ yes, labuan.. going to labuan next mnth for 2 weeks, working for a paintball event there - 2 solid weeks of paintball, not sure abt playing tho.. but what the heck, the money is good.. ;)

hmm.. i did write something, didn't i..? well, guess just a snips abt something that i should be writing. well, till next time, yg tu dulu lah...

Friday, January 02, 2009


ok.. ushering the new year in less crowded place.. where else but MAPAAC's BBQ in astaka since other place would be jam-packed with ppl.. beside, they got food there & of course paintballer friends la.. tho i'm considered as the only MPOC player there but what the heck... me not into those political shit, i just wanna play paintball wherever i can....!

ok, not much but just a few pix taken during the BBQ, more on the karaoke session - one of the fun time had during the party. other than that it was just the normal bantering from from a few, as said, i was the only not playing NPL there but it doesn't bother me a bit... :-P