Wednesday, February 06, 2008

(trasferred from the other blog)
pheew..! man.. it's been more than 2 yrs since i wrote here, totally forgot abt it.. :-/ guess it's the paintballing thingy that kept me off lotsa things these past 2 yrs.. a bit slow on that already since not handling any team anymore - just an ordinary team member now.. ;-)

maybe i'd link this one to my other pc-related blog or maybe just let this one as a standalone... see la how rajin i am later.. (decide to transfer this blog here instead - 10th dec'08)

update on my ham activity..
nothing much, guess i'm kinda re-starting back on this. just got myself an FT-60R yesterday, still trying to figure out its full functionality. that gonna take some time i guess - depends on how bz or rajin i am at that time...

ok, time to shower & go out to see a friend & collect the 'tak jadi' payment of the handy... need the money for jerantut trip this weekend - cousin's 2nd daughter getting married, have to attend this one as i missed her 1st daughter's... 8-|

till next time... 73

08 1st MPOC

1st leg of MPOC's coming, 16th ~ 17th feb to be exact. team's name changed again, from now on we are known as team ISIRIMBA, taken from owner's Kem Isi Rimba. new coach/capt appointed & few changes are abt to come - less performing players will be sitted out from the 1st leg, altho some still remain in the roster, a few would have to say "good bye" to the team. maybe the boss would create another team in the lower division? only time will tell...

new appointed coach/capt is actually a senior player from a quite well-known team which was disbanded some time ago & now, a few of them are coming to make a come-back thru the the team, we'll see how lah.. if my service is still needed, will definitely be there... else, just give them the much needed support lah...

just remembered that i have another blog, created early last year.. thinking of maybe just keeping to one single blog but then see first lah... maybe put that one mainly on ham & just link it to here... tgk tahap rajin camana..