Wednesday, February 06, 2008

(trasferred from the other blog)
pheew..! man.. it's been more than 2 yrs since i wrote here, totally forgot abt it.. :-/ guess it's the paintballing thingy that kept me off lotsa things these past 2 yrs.. a bit slow on that already since not handling any team anymore - just an ordinary team member now.. ;-)

maybe i'd link this one to my other pc-related blog or maybe just let this one as a standalone... see la how rajin i am later.. (decide to transfer this blog here instead - 10th dec'08)

update on my ham activity..
nothing much, guess i'm kinda re-starting back on this. just got myself an FT-60R yesterday, still trying to figure out its full functionality. that gonna take some time i guess - depends on how bz or rajin i am at that time...

ok, time to shower & go out to see a friend & collect the 'tak jadi' payment of the handy... need the money for jerantut trip this weekend - cousin's 2nd daughter getting married, have to attend this one as i missed her 1st daughter's... 8-|

till next time... 73

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