Sunday, January 25, 2009


hmm.. nearly a month since the last entry. am i truly a blogger or just someone that gets into the 'fad'..? ntah la.. guess i'm just using this to channel out what i feel & all..

feel like writing something but now rasa tak pulak dah.. thot gonna write abt the big issue in the other blog, & also how i got part of my indy. yeap, it's here tho only the body. still waiting for other parts b4 can really test it out. hopefully b4 labuan.. aahh~~ yes, labuan.. going to labuan next mnth for 2 weeks, working for a paintball event there - 2 solid weeks of paintball, not sure abt playing tho.. but what the heck, the money is good.. ;)

hmm.. i did write something, didn't i..? well, guess just a snips abt something that i should be writing. well, till next time, yg tu dulu lah...

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