Sunday, February 22, 2009

Labuan Trip

yeap.. just came back from Labuan earlier this week, & did i get to play paintball..? well, was hit by minor flu on the 2nd day, just a running nose & sore throat, but that didn't stop the paintballing... & hell yeah..! 6 straight days of paintball right from the day we arrived. it's a record since the most before this as like 3 days only.. 

lotsa memories there, new experiences, new faces & slightly different environment. ppl were quite friendly, well.. we ARE the so-called 'pro' from semenanjung, or at least the one with more experience... ;-) handling clinics, doing demos & also views on how the event should be.. consultant..? yeah, maybe something like that lah...

Labuan Open 09 - one of the best event so far. there are things that never been done before in Malaysia's paintball tourneys - the biggest prize so far, the walkways around the ground, carton of mineral water for each team, open shower & of course, the umbrella gals.. just wish there were more teams joined in, a date-clash (yeah, same date as NPL) is never good for any event... another event is planned in May, in conjunction with Pesta Air Labuan, hope it doesn't clash with ISSC09... :-/

will be in labuan again..? maybe.. we'll see come this May... ;-)

*pix will be added later...

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