Wednesday, December 10, 2008

combined as one...

well, finally decide to combine both blogspot into one, which is this one lah.. the other blog has only 2 entries in it, plus this one's url is better.. ;-)
was searching high & low for ways to do it, when all u need to do is copy the old post & put it, under the same old date.. & wallaa..! it fit perfectly on ur blog as if written on ori date... nice ek..?
time for some breakie now.. lapo lah.. belum kena teh tarik pagi ni lagi..

later in the afternoon...

hmm.. MacDev came out with their own brand of paint, & the package was designed by Sir Caranthir of villainpaintball. works of locals on international products, not bad i'd say... congrats to caranthir for gaining the trust of ppl at macdev for that... ;-)

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