Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's here...! finally...

yeap.. got the replacement solenoid for my ceptor, after a long wait.... phew..! felt like running back home right there & then to fix it & have a go... ;-)

ok, got right at it once arrived home after work, marker's fixed alright, dry-fired it & seems ok, no leak.. just can't wait till the weekend to have a real go at it. marker might need some re-tuning tho as i've been running it with a bad noid for quite some time, which of course needs lotsa tweaking to make it work, did everything possible up until the very end of its life.. RIP old friend.. then, borrowed friend's noid taken from his unused marker as replacement, but not that great (maybe coz it's not mine - the 'feel' is just not there.. )

nice isn't it..? comes complete with everything - just need to fix it to the ram & connect the wires... ;-)

*tomorrow - the black/grey rotor.. yay..! :-)

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