Friday, August 21, 2009

what's in a name...?

well, nothing except it's a reference to something, be it a person, a group or things. but then there are times when a name can get u somewhere, like if ur dad is a well-known figure (vip/royalties??) or u r a very close friend of a big bro taikor... but the latter can bring u trouble too... never been to that situation but i'd say 'almost'... ;-)

few guys in the team did voice out abt changing the team's name, mainly to be fair with all members since we originally agreed to use a 'neutral' name instead of using our old team's monicker... besides, we wanted to get a fresh name with out fresh start of the season. anyway, had to stick to one of the old name since the name supposedly has a potential sponsorship coming.... yeah, right.... if name is so important then how come a D3 or even those unknown D4 teams can get sponsorship without even showing what they can do...? clearly it's not who, or which team u r from, but who u know (& knows u in return) or as they said, how big ur cables are...

see lah if the name stay come WCA... IF the team is playing lah, which is another topic to talk abt, maybe in next scribblings... if i'm rajin enuff to do it lah... :-P

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