Friday, August 07, 2009

MY-NPL Melaka '09

1st ~ 2nd aug, was in melaka for the 4th leg of MY-NPL... field was nice & the atmosphere also nice.. had fun time there... game was not bad, in fact the best achievement by the team so far, tho we only got 4th place...

started on the 1st day with 8 players in total, but then carol & ila had to go back to kl due to some important bisness. we were left with 6 players to play the rest of the 7-man tourney... finishing 8th in the prelims, just enuff to get into the quarter, doesn't really help since we'd be facing the 1st-ranked team in that round. anyway, after a nite of head-cracking session in re-planning the game strategies & all, 2nd day was a fruitful one - we, the underdogs, beat the top ranked killer beez 2-0 in the quarter-final...! not bad for a team positioned at the lowest going in with only 6 players... ;-) but then lost to nemesis in the semi & ronin during the 3rd placing battle :-<

*more pix to be added later on... if me rajin enuff to do it lah...

haven't been playing the snake for quite a while, what supposedly a dive looks more like a fall... :-D

thanks to dezmond ( for the nice pix.

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