Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cyberjaya Paintball Championship League (CPCL) - leg 2

Play the Asian Format v3.2 & v5.2! Designed by our very own Malaysian paintballers! This format is gaining much popularity as it has the combination of 1on1, 3-man, 5-man, 7-man and Xball Format all merged into one! Come checkout this 2nd leg on 1st & 2nd May 2010. Come play with the best and be the best!

where : Cyberjaya Sports Arena
when : 1st ~ 2nd May 2010
tournament type : league
field type : grass field
categories : Novice & Open
format : v3.2 (novice) & v5.2 (open)
bonus round : 1-on-1 knock-off game among quarterfinalist

Open Div - open marker with USPL (uncapped) or PSP/Millenium (15bps) shooting mode
Novice Div - ~TBA~

novice (v3.2)
1st place - medal + RM1500
2nd place - medal + RM1000
3rd place - medal + RM500
4th place - medal + free registration to next leg

Open (v5.2)
1st place - medal + RM3000
2nd place - medal + RM2000
3rd place - medal + RM1000
4th place - medal + free registration to next leg

Bonus round
1-on-1 knock-off winner gets 1 box of paint

Winners' Pool**
1st - 30%
2nd - 25%
3rd - 15%
4th - 10%
5th - 5%
6th - 5%
7th - 5%
8th - 5%

*-bigger prize is possible IF more bigger sponsors & contributors joining in
**-winners' pool - RM100/RM200 x number of participating teams in novice/open category respectively. Paid to quarterfinalist base on prelim results.
***cash prizes will be deducted 20% if 15 or less team participating

Novice v3.2 - RM500.00 (inclusive of 1bx paint for early birds)

Open v5.2 - RM700.00 (inclusive of 1bx paint for early birds)

deadline - 15th April 2010

Novice - D3 & below only
Open - anybody also can lah

*tourney roster - up to 10 players allowed for both category

from RM170 per box

ID Tags
Players - RM25 (per season)
Crew - RM40 (per season, limit to 2 crews per team)
*also valid for Werdna Hol Cup (WHC) as long as same team

Miss Zie - 016 337 9373

event is brought to u by...

...& will be covered by cyberjaya-tv.com as the official broadcaster, whole world will be watching, guys... ;)

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