Thursday, September 10, 2009


nice number, eh..? heard on the radio that it's 'Radio Day'. a friend got married last year on 080808, (yes redz, happy belated anniversary :-P)... wonder how many would have their wedding on this 090909 day. 070809 has past but didn't hear anyone talking abt it. so what's next? just wait for another 13 months & we'd see ppl making fuss abt 101010... esp those born on 10th oct... yeah, i got one of those too... how abt a computer geek who's born on 10th oct..? it would be even bigger excitement for them since 101010 are also the binary codes in machine language... :-P

hmm.. how abt 1st nov 2010..? that would be 011110, which still read the same from either end, & those geeks gonna be at it again, i guess... not only them but a few others too, just like in 101101.. :-P forgot what they call these numbers lah - the one that can be read from both ends... lets see how many there are since beginning of the millenium

- 101101
- 201102
- 301103
all in nov, eh...? moving on...
- 111111 nice ek..? ;-)
- 211112
- 311113

there'd be more if we take only 5 digit, like 03330 (3rd Mar 2030) or 02220 (2nd Feb 2020), which also can be in full numbers format - 02022020

more if i got any more ideas on this... hard to write while talking on the phone lah... ;-)

added on 150909 :
hey.. raya will be on 20th sep 2009.. that's 20092009... how abt that...? ;-)

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