Sunday, March 14, 2010

CPCL leg 1 concluded

The 1st leg of the CPCL went well last weekend despite slight hickups (as if other tourneys never had any..!), but nothing that can't be solved... ;-) The event also mark the debut of SLY Profit mask, & the only one used during the game was mine... yeap, the first to own one in the country, apart from Andrew of Werdna Hol Sportz that is, but then dealers doesn't count la...

Another interesting event happened that day - capt of team Dark Angels, Joseph, proposed to his girlfriend...! & he did this in the field right after the last game of the day, in front of everyone. It was actually a promise made to his teammates if they get any medal in CPCL, & the 4th place comes with a medal...! An o-ring was used instead of real ring since it was an unexpected win, esp when they initially planned to pull out from the tourney due to some problems... not bad for a team that got 8th place in the prelim, eh...? All of these are covered by the official broadcaster, Cyberjaya TV - watch out for the broadcast in a week or two... Smiley

Ok, here are the results of the tourney....

Open Category
1st - Republic CMX
2nd - Raz Legion
3rd - D'Halloween
4th - Dark Angels
5th - Flankers
6th - SiR
7th - Dozenmater
8th - Tohspan Etile

Bonus Round (1on1)
- Republic CMX

Novice Category
1st - Ying Yang
2nd - Infidelz
3rd - Reaperz
4th - Pandamonium
5th - Semarak Api B
6th - Hardheaded
7th - Crossfire
8th - Rejimen 66

Bonus Round (1on1)
- Infidelz

congrats to all winners..! Smiley
see u guys in the next round.. on 1st & 2nd May 2010


AngeL BeaR said...

wonder if the next legs to come, what other interesting will happen. *winks*

badman said...

a ref from borneo, maybe... ;-)